Monday, October 13, 2008

Speaking My Language

(...or at least the language I wish I had the brain-power to say.)

It's not often that I point you to a blog ... so when I do, just know, it's THAT good.

Please see some brilliant political candor at my friend Clarissa's site, A Working Mom's Playground.

No need to comment here.  Feel free to give the moment to her.  Wow.


CRigg said...

Thanks for the link and props, Jamie! This is one of those posts that I was like "should I click on the 'publish' button???" There's a lot of sensitivity on this topic right now.

Hope you're well!!

Jasmine said...

Jaime, that was an amazing rant by your friend and so well said!!! Thanks for linking me to it! I am constantly thinking the same things about the people I see who have huge McCain/Palin stickers or posters in their yards. I wonder if they think the same way about our fellow American presidential candidate. It's unfortunate that some probably do. So with that said... Go Obama!!!