Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Alternate Title:  When your brain can't formulate interesting thoughts, post photos...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dude, Just Call it What It Is

Oh the joys of magazine subscriptions.  Love the mailbox full of glossy faces of bright eyed babes.  But seriously?  These days?  Like I have time to read them.  Pshaw.

But, I can't keep myself away from the dang back page.  What is it about the so-called "Baby Bloopers" that draw me in?  Like I haven't read every combination of child said embarrassing statement (insert: in line at grocery store/at great-grand-nana's house/in front of teacher).  Just like I have probably seen every episode of A Baby Story, I have also read every possible combination blooper.

Or so I thought.

Because now?  Now, it seems that each story has got to be the biggest ol' bragfest evah.  Like even more than a (gasp) blog.  :)

They all come with obnoxiously braggy-odd names.  And they all seem to be doing obnoxiously more bragalicious-odd stuff.

Example:  Last week my daughter Suri-Reese was getting a tad tired while waiting for her older brother Socrates Phoenix to finish his Mandarin Jumprope lessons.  Poor Suri-Reese was past her nap time and almost out of organic goat's milk cheese puffs.  Much to my dismay, would you believe it?  Suri-Reese, a mere 13 months old, actually (gasp) peed in her hand-made overalls.  I mean, can you believe my embarrassment?  She has been potty-trained for 6 months, and then this?  Did I mention it was during Mandarin Jumprope lessons?  

Or:  When my Mother-In-Law was visiting us from Ireland, my 2 and a half year old son Daiytona was demonstrating his recitation of The Constitution.  Suddenly my Mother-in-Law went into cardiac arrest.  Daiytona called for his his 4 year old sister, Ameelyia, who was doing tai chi at the time, to grab the defibrillator to help Grand-Nana.  In the meantime, Daiytona performed CPR but, forgot the proper compression to ventilation ratio!  Fortunately, Ameelyia and Daiytona's younger sister Shamalie, 9 months was able to successfully call 911.  Grand-Nana still laughs at Daiytona's silly mistake!

For crying out loud.  Just call it  "Does Your Child Have This Many Vowels In Her Name, and How Shitty of A Parent Are You?"

Yeah, I'm all talk though.  Next month, I'll be turning straight to the back cover, again.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mighty Silly

Dear Future Spouse:  This kid has a heart of gold.

Here are Mommy and Daddy's words to describe Chase.



He may not conquer mountains, but this guy is full of love and joy.

Small and Mighty

Dear Future Spouse:  Beware.  This girl means business.  

Recently at dinner, Patrick and I chose three words to describe each child.  We didn't compare notes until we had the first three to come to mind.

Words for Tatum:

Daddy says:  

Mommy says:

I am wicked-proud of that stubborn little girl!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You've Got a Friend

January 2005
(Left to Right)
Chase, Mylin, Tatum, Cousin Nikki, Caden, Malia

4 years later...
Baby Brooke, Malia, Chase, Caden, Tatum, Mylin, Baby Torin
Henry, Brooke, Malia, Chase, Caden, Tatum, Mylin, Baby Torin

It is such a gift and joy watching these little humans grow.  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

These Days

Can't embed the dang thing, but here's a song I'm digging these days, for many reasons.