Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Which Just Jamie Takes a Break...

When your day begins like this, you have a choice.  You can get annoyed at yourself for being clumsy, or perhaps just laugh and let the dog lick it up.  (Damn dog, what good is she anyways?  Miss Fancypants Molly happens to prefer her eggs cooked.)  

I've been carrying around some scrambled egg brain for many months now.  Some days I want to share my scrambled thoughts here, some days I want to start a new blog where I can really vent, and some days I fail to have the courage to fake it.  It's time to unscramble, and make sense of these thoughts dancing around in my head.  Until then... please be patient with my absence.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Untitled Thoughts

Our weekend, with one extra day to celebrate such goodness in our country...was spent with sleepovers, play dates, a field trip, and sunshine.  What a treat it is to be an American this week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello My Name Is... Mama

So why is it that I just have to be a Mom everywhere I go?  And why is it that I have to somehow announce that I am a Mom everywhere I go?

It's annoying.  I know.  But most days, I just can't help it.

Being pregnant was great.  I got to wear my Mommyness everywhere, right in the front.  Pushing strollers, baby-wearing, carrying a diaper bag on a Girls Night Out (I so only did that once, maybe twice)... these are all my badges of honor.

Sometimes, I even carry my Parents magazine with the label facing right on out to the world as I walk my dog to the mailbox, lest any new neighbors catch me without my own kids.

Again, annoying.  I know.

I crave a moment away from the chaos of children bouncing all around, and yet, when I get it, I find myself observing other people's children from my quiet corner of the coffee shop/beach/car, and I can't help but miss my own tiny faces smiling back.

How easy it is to forget the meltdowns, the tantrums, the drama and refusal to eat your vegetables while away, or while the bundles sleep.

Being a Mom is what I was made for.  This much I know.  I have days I question if I have done more harm than good, days I fantasize traveling with nothing but a back pack and a wandering spirit, and days where my children downright wear me right out.  But, in the end, just before I fall asleep, I reflect on the humans I have the honor of raising, and always, ALWAYS, I smile.

Please, God, let there be more of this.  More smiling, more appreciating, and more...well, more babies even.  Because this annoying habit of mine suits me just fine, and it's all happening just.too.darn.quickly.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A (kind of) Love Letter

Who, me?

He turns the heater on before we wake up.
He brushes the kids' teeth, really well.
He cooks great salmon, great eggs, and makes a wicked salad.
He vacuums.
He does laundry (washes and dries/doesn't put away but...)
He makes coffee, or brings me coffee (almost) every morning.
He's financially responsible.
He's respectful to all people.
He's smart.
He's athletic.
He puts family first.
He gives the kids baths.
He's honest.
He puts up with my quirky stuff.
He loves our kids fiercely.
He fixes things.
He takes us on great trips.
He takes care of his mama.
He's responsible.
He's handsome.
He gets my oil changed, and tires, rotated and whatever tires need.
He loves me.

I'm not such a romantic person... so, yeah, thanks hon, for being all of these things.  I forget to say it.  A lot.  So, thank YOU.  Really.