Sunday, November 8, 2009

Predictably Predictable

When you get so forgetful that you even forget that you have forgotten things...perhaps you start to look a little like this.

First, you forget to pay your rent. Yes. Rent. That's what happens when you've had a husband pay the mortgage forever, and you forget that, like, it costs money to live places.

Then, when you're driving to meet your landlord to pay the rent, you realize that you forgot your friend's birthday. Yesterday.

That night, on your way to visit your out-of-town friend in a neighboring county, you see your gas light go on. On the one stretch of Interstate 5 that is dedicated to the military. For 19 miles. You drive faster because you're pretty sure that even though this uses gas less efficiently, the time saved on heart attack symptoms may just save your life.

And when things get reeeeally stressful, there's really just one more thing to do: rearrange the furniture. Then, put it back in exactly the same place. Because? It turns out that "L" shaped sofas really don't work out so well in creative juxtapositions with walls and tables.

Clearly, it is Report Card time. And clearly, I have not done them at all. Not one. How can you tell? Because I'm finally blogging again. And if there's one thing I'm good at, it's procrastinating. And forgetting. If only I could forget to procrastinate.


She said...

It is report card time for us too! I have so much grading to do that I'm dizzy thinking about it! I also have so much reading to do because I decided it was the thing to do TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL myself and get another degree! I'm the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION, so YOU are NOT alone!

Good luck with grades and with remembering! Most importantly, don't forget to be GENTLE with YOURSELF!


Chris said...

Blogging is a great procrastination tool. :)

Good luck with those report cards. Hopefully the memory will be nicer to you soon.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I forgot what I was going to say in this comment.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If I had to fill out a standards-based report card I'd procrastinate too.

Trish said...

You'll be fine. You always waited until the last minute to do stuff and you always did a FABULOUS job on everything you ever touched.

Your report card gets an A+ from me!!

Burgh Baby said...

Just fail all the kids so you have more time to come play with me. Seems reasonable.

Huckdoll said...

Your showing up on the internet every once in awhile and making me laugh with your stories is like getting a great big hug. You sound happy <3

Miss you madly xo

Jasmine said...

Wow! You sound busy and about the same as the last time you left off... Do you still have to fill out those report cards by hand??? I am a major procrastinator too, which is why I rarely get extra things done... like go to the gym, actually 'cook' dinner, do laundry... you know the basics.
Hope you're doing good... fill me in sometime on how *life* is.

Miss M said...

I used to hide my report cards... Hehe!

Hang in there.

I put the bread into the dishes cabinet then couldn't find it all afternoon the other day... does that make you feel better?

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