Friday, October 19, 2007

17 minutes

We are very blessed to have many wonderful friends and family. Our kids are still opening birthday presents from last month's big party. So today, when my little guy wanted to open this Talking "Woody" toy -- we did. And a mere 17 minutes, scissors, screwdriver, and trip to the recycling bin later ... he had his toy!
My new favorite phrase (see post below): "Are you kidding me?" Is this a toy or a nuclear weapon?
Fortunately, my son did play with his toy for nearly half the time it took me open it. Well done!

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George said...

Well, I understand the need for security, theft protection and so on and so forth, but even with a leatherman, scissors or chainsaw, it's still a royal pain to get toys unbound from the packaging from which they came.

I've seen home theater systems easier to get out of the box.

And beware, once they are out, they are recalled and you have to repackage and send them back so your child doesn't get lead poisoning or something.

I am really looking forward to the holidays.