Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tune in

Laying in bed alternately reading and watching TV, I realized that I was hungry. Hate it when that happens. I'm all cozy and warm. I know the kitchen floor will be cold, the chill of the I wait. Maybe I'm not really hungry I tell myself. I read some more. In the background a commercial comes on for some gorgeous looking hamburger. That's it! I'm seriously hungry.

Should I lie in bed hungry but warm, or brave the cold and be fed?

I choose to get out of bed, head for the panrty, and pour myself a bowl of cereal. Perfect. That's just what I needed.

Sometimes the best things to do for ourselves are the harder ones. The ones that take a little extra strength.

Getting back into bed with a belly full of Cheerios was worth it.

It's simple really: Tune into our bellies, and brains, and hearts and find what is missing. Then feed it.

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