Monday, November 19, 2007

Aloha cookie

My kids are really tired of the camera. They're tired of seeing Mom's face obstructed by that dreaded black piece of plastic, insisting that they look cute/don't move/act natural/or even occasionally ... say "cheese."

It's come to this: I bribe them with a cookie. I'm ashamed, I am. But I'm a sucker for trying to capture the moment. seen in the above shot, I say, "Who wants a cookie?"

They're not actually saying "cheese," they're actually saying "meeee" (which consequently has the same smiling effect).

Maybe if I focused on trying to live the moment, rather than document the moment, we'd all be better off. Besides, do you know how far we had to go to find that damn cookie?


pat.albert said...

those sure are some adorable kids. i love your blog and am so proud of you for posting up our family. keep up the good work. xoxoxoxoxxx

Trish said...

I know where you get the gene that makes you have to capture the moment, but I don't think it keeps you from enjoying the moment. :-) Unless your subjects won't cooperate in which case crying and screaming "I just want a freaking picture for the freaking holiday cards" works. If your head spins around wile saying it, it's even more effective. :-)

Cheri said...

I pay $5. The cookie seems reasonable to me.