Saturday, November 17, 2007

Have family: Will travel

Nostalgia and reverie are powerful things. Sitting at dinner one night on vacation, my daughter and I were talking about Hawaii. It came up that Daddy and I had been here before.
"Why?" She ALWAYS asks.
"Well, because Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. The last time we were here..." I choke up. I tear. "The last time we were here, YOU and Chase were with me!"
She looks confused.
"Inside my tummy. You were here, with me." I point.
In fact, I remember exactly the first time someone actually recognized me as expecting was here. Sure, so maybe I stood a little more pregnant-looking than necessary, and yes I jumped into maternity clothes with the excitement of a prom-queen, but it was here where it first happened.

Not the most flattering shot, but here we are: Family of 4 (almost).

Here we are: Family of 4 (completely).

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