Friday, November 16, 2007

What are the chances? (Twice)

So...we had a fantastic time on the shores of Waikiki. The kids were fantastic beach-goers and vacationers. Everything was cruising along like a typical vacation.

Cut to Day 7 of the family Hawaii trip. I don't know which was more interesting, running into Patrick's ex-wife on the elevator of our hotel, or chatting it up with Jack Johnson's wife and kids. Hmmm... Tough call.

Although it would make for a much more exciting blog, I have neither a picture of "the ex" or of Mr. Johnson and family (darn-it).

Back to Day 3 of the trip. As we're strolling along the beach boardwalk, Patrick asked me if I ever think I'll run into my ex-husband somewhere. Maybe, I say. (We don't talk about our exes much. More out of respect for the exes than anything, so it was funny that he brought it up.) He continues..."I always think I'm bound to run into her somewhere."

So go figure -- we're standing in an elevator with her 4 days later. Consequently, we invited her to breakfast with us, she declined. Cute girl. Enough said.

Same day on our flight back home, Jack Johnson is walking the aisles trying to entertain his 15 month old son. Granted, he sat in first class, but you gotta love a guy willing to walk the aisles with all of us regular schmos. So back at baggage claim waiting forever for bags to arrive, Jack's (yes, we're on a first-name basis now) wife and I chatted it up. Her son's Moe (3) and Leo (15 months) (pronounced lay-oh) were sharing Chase's toy cars with Tatum. Put those 4 cute kids together and let's just say... I'm pretty sure we're going to be invited over for Christmas. :)

As my Dad said, on a day like that, I should have bought a lottery ticket. Stranger things have happened right?


Trish said...
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Trish said...

Supposedly we are all connected to each other by no more that 6 degrees of separation.

This may be an academic myth but I think you have proven it to be true with the elevator encounter. Either that or you have proven "The Secret" to be true when Patrick thought he would run into her, and he did.

Could you please request a couple million bucks and a superstar boyfriend for your mom?


OK just kidding about the boyfriend part. :-)