Friday, January 25, 2008

Fortune Teller?

My Mom got these shirts for the kids when they were teeny tiny.  We wore them, to be polite, but *never* did I think they would be sending us a message from the future!!!  

Tatum's shirt (hilarious picture) as "Future Ski Bunny" and Chase's shirt "Future Ski Dude" is really happening.  We're going into escrow here in San Diego, and moving to those Rocky Mountains.  It's all happening so fast now ...

Here we go!  

P.S.  My kids have never even seen snow.  Never.  We're all in for a rude awakening.  Snow man anyone?


Amy said...

so ironic. adorable pictures!

Misty said...

How funny! We've had so much snow here in Utah I think I might turn into a snow man myself.

Cheri said...

Your mother has a built-in crystal ball. The Force is with her.

LaskiGal said...

Yikes . . . does she usually have such insight?

Oh wow! Never seen snow. I can't even imagine. Growing up in Michigan and Illinois (Chicago winters are AWESOME and HORRIBLE at the same time. How awesome for them and you!

Henry said...

Aren't you staying for my birthday?

Trish said...

If I could take it all back from the Universe... I just might.