Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Did That Sign Get in Our Yard?

For those of you keeping track, it's official.  The house is on the market.  

The idea started as a tiny seed (don't they all?), and suddenly it's really happening.  I can't say it has been an easy decision.  After much re-evaluating, and yes even soul-searching, we've decided to leave this place we love for a new adventure.  Seeing the sign go up today was surreal.  

I can't point to one specific reason for the move.  Sure San Diego is expensive, but it's not just that.  Sure there are a few too many teenagers driving Hummers and BMW's around here, but it's not that either.  Maybe it's the need for a change of pace.  Maybe we're bored.   Maybe it's because there's no NHL here.  Maybe it's that our kids are still young and it feels like an opportunity to introduce them to a new journey.  Maybe it's just one of those things in your soul that you can't quite describe, but that just feels like the thing to do.  I've found that this is how I work, and somehow I've managed to marry someone who has a little bit of that floating around inside him too.  We're shaking things up!  

It's impossible to measure the intensity of the things we will most miss.  We have an amazing network of friends here, friends who our children (we thought) were destined to grow up with, friends where we have long-since given up the polite niceties of a new friendship.  We can lounge on their couch, help ourself to the fridge, and let the kids run amok without apology.  That will be hard to replace.

And family.  Man, I can't even start.  Let's just say this will be excruciating for me.  Me, a person who has run from relationships and jets into the arms of independence.  I will miss my Mom the most.  I didn't always let on that I needed her, but I do.  

So, we'll see how the housing market goes, and start there.

Here's the good news...we get a new winter wardrobe.  I hear it can get cold in Colorado!


Cheri said...


Trish said...

I can't comment yet, because I am BEYOND heartbroken (and beyond excited for wanderlust reasons) but tears are coming now, both for my loss and your future. This is the dilemma of a mother.

It's the problem offering two solutions or possibilities, of which neither is acceptable.

pat.albert said...

the adventure begins. new wardrobe, hmmmmmmm? what a nervous time for all of us. it will work out for the best. and if it doesn't? i guess we'll be shopping for a house in del mar again :-) just kidding. i love you.

LaskiGal said...

As someone who has moved quite a few times in my life, I can sympathize. You have an awesome attitude--it is a new adventure! Yeah!!!

And NHL, hailing from Hockey Town (DEEETroit), I feel your pain. I'm in a non-hockey town and it hurts a little.

Any regions you are considering?

Misty said...

Best of blessings for your upcoming journey.... and girl, you are one very BRAVE soul to move with little ones. Go get 'em!