Friday, September 12, 2008

Run Forrest, Run

Back in the Olden Days...or something like that... for a wee period of time, I was a runner.  (Gasp)  Yeah, did you hear God laughing, 'cause I think I heard Him choke on his golden, angelic, saliva?

But really, I was.

My (now) husband was courting me.  I went along with it.  I courted back.  It just so happened that he liked a good margarita shaker, and I liked a good margarita shaker.  He liked lounging in the sunshine for hours, and I liked lounging.  He liked running, and I ... did not.  But I pretended for awhile.  I pretended so well that I got myself signed up for races, like with other people, who like, run and stuff.

There was the aptly named "Bolder Boulder" in my college town of Boulder, CO:

Being that it was a 5K, I thought it was okay.  I tried another.  There was the scenic and hill-acious La Jolla Half Marathon here at home:

And it.was.hard.  It kicked my butt.  But, there was a beer garden at the finish line so ... I kept running.  2 hours later, I had a coldie.

So I tried another crazy-ass one.  Those military folks, they know how to lay out some cruel and unusual punishment.  

I give you, The Mud Run:

There was another half marathon in there too somewhere, but then, it hit me.  I don't like running.  So, I stopped.  And I took up a new hobby called:  gestating, and birthing, and feeding, and wiping, and hugging, and rocking, and loving.

I also took up a little hobby called:  wine.

And now, damn, I think I need a new hobby because that old girl looked a little stronger than this new mama.  And although I gave up beef and pork last May (really proud of that BTW), it's not quite enough.  

But how does a working Mommy fit it all in?  Gym at 5:00am?  Ugh.  I dunno.  I guess I'll ponder it on my 2nd, 3rd, 4th glass of wine...

Any ideas on how to make it all work?


Kathryn said...

Whatever. You don't fool me. I saw your svelt (is that even a word anymore?) bod and your toned arms in your last post. Nice try! You look great! I say the wine is working for ya!

I haven't run in almost a month because I strained my ACL. Ya wanna know how? I was trying to sit down (cross legged) on the floor to tie my boys' shoes. Yeah. I'm getting THAT old.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

None whatsoever.

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said...

If I did, my as* would be a lot smaller. Sorry, can't help you.

CC said...

Read my social story from yesterday.

then laugh because I still can't follow my own social story.

BTW, you look AWESOME in those pics. If someone promised me that I'd look that good, maybe I'd get my lazy arse off this computer chair!

Lori said...

if you figure it out let me know!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You said it. Getting up at the crack of dawn. But, oh my gosh, it is Frickin' Fun to run and be ALONE and be able to THINK and BREATHE DEEP and LISTEN TO THE iPOD and I could go on and on.

The mud run? WOW! And the La Jolla Half with the hills, she's a bitch, and real bitch. I almost died and had blisters fo' evah. But I am two years older than you.

Denise said...

I think getting up before your day starts is the answer. I am still trying to get good at the early rising, since running later in the day just doesn't work for my schedule and I don't get anything done including a shower.

I'm still trying to work up to a half. But I am walking the 60-mile Susan G. Koman 3-day in Dallas!

Good luck! And don't give up the wine.

OHmommy said...

I would have to agree. The wine is working. You look fab here and in your last posts.

I go to the gym before my house wakes up. And. I am soooo not a morning person!

Krystyn said...

I think you are looking good, momma!

When I work out, I try to do it after Izzy goes to bed. We bought an elliptical so we don't have to leave the house. It's a little harder to do it at home, but we don't have to go to the gym.

CRigg said...

I commend you for even thinking about this...and you're 2 weeks in!

Um, let's see - I get up at 6am and run for 2 hours on Saturdays with my iPod shuffle and a workout buddy. And on the weekdays, I run at lunch 2-3x/week on the sad, depressing streets within the office park around my work.

Come and join me - I will be doing another half in January - actually, right around the corner from you -- the Carlsbad Half!

And just think of all the lovely alone time you will get while training. this is why I do I can be sane and feel like I am doing good things to my body.

(you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it ...)

tommie said...

I have no clue....but congrats to you for running all those!


Laski Gal said...

Whatever . . . hot mommy. Whatever . . .

<3 u

Laski Gal said...

I just realized I referred to you as "hot mommy." What the heck is happening to me. The only time I use HOT anything is for a hot day, hot food, hot water.

Geesh . . . still. It works.

Wendi said...

You. look. amazing.

I think you need to tell me how you do it...cause I got nothing.

Except an ever expanding waistline and a muffin top.


Jasmine said...

Man! You are amazing to have even accomplished that much in the past! I know you will figure out a balance soon to get back into 'shape', not that you were out of it!
I've always wanted to be a runner, but I can't seem to push myself too hard, but I try. I'm running a half mile (WOW!) nowadays on the treadmill at the gym and that is HARD! I hate it! (But, I love the results.) I used to run two miles at the gym, but I am working my way up now since Leo was born.
Congrats though on trying to combat the urge to continually chill... I know it is hard, especially here in CA!

Chrissy said...

Wish I could help. You look great as you are, but I sure can feel you when it comes to seeing old pictures and wanting to get some of that back. Sounds like getting up at the butt crack of dawn might be your best option. Or just don't look at your old photos any more. :)

Lisa said...

My abs have never looked that good in my whole life. Ever.

That being said, I so wish I liked to run. Hubby is doing a 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks. I like to walk around the block. I guess I'm not trying to impress him anymore, huh?

Kori said...

Photos like these are why I don't post phots of myself of my blog. It is bad enough that I have to look at myself in a mirror, I would totally be mortified if anyone else had to look at me. My stomach, after four kids and the last at way-to-old to have kids, well, let's just say my abs are somwheres around my ankles and leave it at that. :)

dkuroiwa said...

So...that's what really ripped girly abs are supposed to look like!! Wow.
You know...we used to go over to Boulder...and sit in the bar and watch people come back from that could understand the attraction to running...until I saw your hub and some of the other guys running...whew. like the wind, Bulls Eye...I'll be your cheerleader and water girl..or hell, i'll just save you a seat at the bar and keep your wine chilled!!