Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Taking Care of Business

As I'm trying to learn Google Reader, keep my kids down for a nap, fold laundry, and balance a fish bowl on an umbrella (wait, that was The Cat in the Hat) I've decided to make time to brag, talk about myself, and brag a little more.  Who doesn't have time for that?  You? Oh, well I'll read it out loud to myself when I'm done.

I'm blushing over my new bling.  Is it a sparkling necklace, a new Hybrid car, an Apple iPhone (hint, hint Mr. Husband) that I must show off today?  Nope, it's better.  

It's THIS:

Lindsey at The Douglas Drama   bestowed this gorgeous gem upon my side banner.  Lindsey is a true sweet heart, so it doesn't surprise me that she's handing out the love.  She's a teacher, she's witty, and she's raising some darling Southern girls.  Please pay her a visit.  

Okay, so really, I had to ask.  I've seen it before and I really couldn't figure out how it was a compliment to say that you Less Than Three someone.  Less than?  Like I like at least three others better, and then you?  But, duh, no, it's sweet and if you're in the back of the classroom wanting to raise your hand to ask, but you're too damn embarrassed because that cute  dumb jock   guy might laugh ... well, it's a HEART. Ain't that sweet?

I'm passing this lover along to "My Misty."  Misty is my Blog BFF.  I adore her strength and I know many of you are already big fans.  Check her out, but I've got first dibs on her so don't go trying to steal her.  

It's also going to Cheri at Blog This Mom!  She is a witty one.  Check her out, but cross your legs first because she often makes me wet my pants.  

CAUTION:  More bragging ahead...

I also received THIS sweet thang:

This lovey is from Angela at Angela's Chocolate and Potatoes.  You know my crush on her.  I spilled those beans here.  
So I'm passing this one along to Jenn at Juggling Life who is a true blogxpert (that's a Blog Expert for those of you who aren't familiar with my made-up language).  She's been in the Blog World for 100 days today.  That's 100 days of humor, motherly expertise, political rants, and teacher advice.  

And Katydidnot as in  Katydidnot get left out of the Wonderful Women award.  This is one inspirational woman.  I love her style.  Her hair style, her smile style, her home decor style, and her 3 smartie pants kids' style.  

And finally, Lisa at VeryBusyMomWith4 tagged me with this meme.  

Share seven things, according to the tag "some random, some weird."  Check out Lisa, especially how she changed her kids names, all 4 of them, well, sort of.  Funny.

Are you just dying to read more about me today? Wouldn't want to disappoint.


1.  I'm still afraid that someone is under my bed.  I take a running leap at night so no one grabs my ankles and sucks me under.

2.  I love being a grown-up.  The best part.  I can eat dessert whenever I want, even for dinner.

3.  I'm have been married twice.

4.  I cry at all Disney movies.

5.  I still type with 2 fingers, 4 on a good day.

6.  I would love for our family to adopt a child some day.  

7.  I have 2 tattoos.  I got the first when I was 17, the second when I was 22.  

Don't you wish they made Cliff Notes for this?


Jen said...

As if I didn't love you so much already... But now I know we are two-tattoo sisters. Who knew?!?

I jump into bed at night for the same reasons!

I'll def check out those lovely ladies you so highly speak of.

Amy said...

You are one popular blogger, girl! Congrats on your bling. Hold it with pride - you earned it!

Lindsey said...

You deserve your awards, sweet girl. Also I have started using Google Reader and I really like it:)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This weeks just gets better and better! Thank you much!

OHmommy said...

Heeheee... I type with two fingers to!

Congrats on the bling!

Happy Days said...

I jump into my bed at night too. I am so afraid of someone grabbing my ankles too. Who cares if they're there, as long as they can't grab you! LOL!

Jennifer said...

congrats on all you new bloggy bling!! very cool!! and i love the random things about you. :)
can i tell you, when I hear a noise I hide under my blankets... still. lol lol well I guess we all do some interesting things.
There are a bunch of other things I do too, but I'm saving them for more meme's lol
i type with all my fingers, and my thumbs too, but you probably still type wayyyy faster than me, b/c I am CONSTANTLY back spacing to fix all the errors I have made. lol

Anyway.. thanks for the congratulations on my blog post.... i think i was jumping the gun a little bit with bragging all that much, but I just couldn't help it. :S hopefully they still do good tomorrow. :)
thanks again.
good night.
hugs, jenn

Cheri said...

Aw shucks! Jamie, you are 2 GOOD! Thanks.

P.S. Gotta go make pancakes for dinner!

Angela said...

I bet blogging takes a long time with only using two fingers.

You deserved the award

tommie said...

congrats on your bloggy bling! You are so deserving it. and tatoos, who knew? I wish I would have gotten one when I was younger, because I don't think I will ever do it now.

debawriter said...

I'm so with you on numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5...

Also, great award-giving! All deserving winners!


CC said...

WOW! You are one crazy popular lady!

Misty said...

I LOVE all of those fun little facts about you.

And can I tell you I am such a dork, because I've been back several times to re-read your little paragraph about me.

I heart you.

And I'll stay your "My Misty" if you stay my "Number One".

Love you.

Casdok said...

When you have got the hang of Google reader - you will never be with out it!!

Wendi said...

Congratulations Jamie!
Love your new bling!
I enjoyed reading the personal meme. Very entertaining!

Amy said...

Good to know I am not the only sap that cries at Disney movies. Really, what's wrong with us? :-)
Congrats on all your bling!

Kathryn said...

I still don't like closets. Freaky. Or basements. Or attics, for that matter.
Sheesh! I am such a chicken!