Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Moved In!

We did it!  Whew.  We're all moved in.  It's amazing that it can take a month to pack up a family, and in about 24 hours, I'm (nearly) completely unpacked.  Thanks to my Mom for watching the munchkins, photographing the event, and staying late to help unpack.

I promise not to bore you (well, I can't promise that) but I'll try not to bore you with any more moving details.

New material to come...


Amy said...

so glad you made it safely! that is amazing that you're all unpacked. i wish you the best!

Kathryn said...

You are almost ALL UNPACKED???? WHAT?? What are you, freaking Superwoman?? Sheesh! I am majorly impressed! Wow!!!
Look how tiny the kids look next to that huge truck. Aww.
I seriously thought that was my dog for a second. I had a beagle named Lucy that looked just like your dog. So sweet. Sassy little dogs. ;)

Jen said...

Wow. Unpacked? Already? Is this a joke? And if not, are you available this summer??

Congratulations! So exciting!

Lindsey said...

One word: IMPRESSIVE! I'll be calling for your expertise when we move:)

What cute and happy kiddos!

Mary said...

Wow, unpacked already?!?! You go girl!!
Glad things went well:) Look how cute and little those two look standing in the truck! Too cute!

LaskiGal said...

Holy cow . . . almost unpacked? You are a super unpacker, that is for sure!

I'm glad you made it in one piece, well, at least the kids and the dog--from the pics.

They are all adorable, and I'm lovin' the doggy's pose--classic!

RJTrue said...

Yay ... you're back! I missed you :)

Hope it's going well so far for you and the gorgeous fam!