Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

A good friend sent me this quote today.  

"Fear is excitement without breath." 
- Fritz Perls

The advice continued with:  Imagine if every time we felt fear we simply took a deep breath and smiled as we jumped in.

Last week another friend gave me a (fantastic) book entitled, "How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life" by Susan Piver.

Man... it seems there is a theme here.  Jamie must be looking awfully afraid these days.  Maybe so.  Days away from a move to yet another home this year, things are certainly daunting.  But it is the fear that fuels me.  

Today I *will* take the advice, and take a breath and smile as I jump, usually head first.  Is there any other way to jump?


jAMiE said...

Hi Jamie...thanks for stopping by my blog, i hope you'll come again!

ps..i'm with you...head first all the way!!!

Misty said...

Yes...... CANNON BALL!! (wink)

Jen said...

We laugh in the face of fear, right? It has no power over us! Booyeah.

Cheri said...

Jump. And don't hold your breath.


LaskiGal said...

Just DO it . . . not to steal from Nike, but some great advice! Why the heck not, it is the only life we've got!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

My favorite fear quote is
"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there."

But I also like the jumping idea =)

And if there weren't just a bit of fear it wouldn't really be an adventure would it? Enjoy!

Trish said...

Genetics may have a little something to do with you not being the least bit afraid to jump in head first and see what happens. :-)

Go for it!

Amy said...

it's normal to be afraid. those are some nice words of inspiration.

isn't there another one like "behind" a every cloud is a rainbow" or something like that.

anyway, sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen. i hope this will be the case for you.

best of luck. i will be thinking of you!

Lei said...

I love that. Taking a deep breath really helps me. I need to work on the smiling part.:)

Oh,and lol Misty!