Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dear Universe, Please Forgive My Change of Heart and Let my Family Stay in San Diego, and Tell my Husband I'm Sorry for Being Neurotic and HELP!

In honor of my melting, chaotic, confused, hopeful and desperate brain, I type today to ask for help.

As I shared my hectic drama with a friend I said, "Ugh.  I had the worst week ever."  

She bluntly and poignantly said, "No you didn't.  You'll have worse."  So there.  

So here's what we know:  
Our house is in escrow.  I need to start packing.  We *will* move somewhere.
I signed a lease in Colorado.  A legally binding document says we should live there.
I don't want to live there.
I should have thought of that *BEFORE* selling this house.
A woman is entitled to changing her mind.
We belong here.  Friends and family warmly approve of my recent insanity.
My husband, ummm, not so much.  He probably would love to trade me in for a newer model. Perhaps one who follows through on big family commitments, one who doesn't pull out in the 9th inning, one who doesn't think so much with her gut (i.e. heart and intuition), and rather with logic and reasoning.

Until Colorado lady rents the house to another family, we're stuck.

So here's my favor.  Please put it out there, call it wishful thinking, power of the mind, tools of The Secret, prayer, meditation, or a Petition to God.  Get that house in Boulder rented so that we can stay home!


Amy said...

i'm praying for ya!

Jen said...

I'm petitioning God as I type! I hope you get to stay put. I don't know about your hubby, but mine chalks my insanity up to just another day of living with a known psycho. He's totally used to it!

Trish said...

Henry and I are signing the petition, and I also asked:

Mother Teresa, CHECK
Jesus, CHECK
The Dalai Lama, CHECK
Buddah, CHECK
Mahatma Gandhi, CHECK
Martin Luther King, CHECK
Eleanor Roosevelt, CHECK
Oprah, CHECK
Rosa Parks, CHECK
Nelson Mandela, CHECK
Albert Schweitzer, CHECK
Oh and Calvin and Hobbes, CHECK

And if that isn't enough, I will find more people to sign the petition.

You are not neurotic, you are a beautiful, soulful, incredibly perfect human being!

I love you!
Mom and Henry

Misty said...

Now - THIS is really starting to get interesting. I will SO be thinking of you, girl. It'll work out. Promise.



LaskiGal said...

Trish--awesome post.

I'm praying just for you . . . wishful thoughts and all. Whatever it takes. A woman does have a right, gosh darn it!

Cheri said...

I'm signing that petition.

And that darlin' husband of your best not be tradin' you for a younger model. I've seen your bum in jeans, so I can say with conviction that there isn't a better model no matter how young she might be. Also, rest assured, I love YOU best and I still have my family-law-attorney skillz!

If you're making decisions for your family with your heart, then you're doing it exactly right. I, for one, am very glad you are staying.

Peace jamie.

Anonymous said...

might i recommend you being your husband's slave for a few years? i think that might be a fair trade off for all of the unnecessary and agonizing pain which we are now enduring.

just jamie said...

real funny honey.

Cheri said...

Might I inform you that slavery is illegal and was ever only an option for the those without a soul? Also, only a an un-evolved Neanderthal or a two-year could externalize blame and take no responsibility for his part in things quite so well. Should I really be convinced that "anonymous" is that powerless and weak?

Cheri said...

Abraham Lincoln just signed your petition.

Courtney said...

jamie, my thoughts are with you and know that this will all turn out ok and we can't always know gods plan but we just have to go along for the ride and know that it will all work out in the end. just remember everything happens for a reason, like a soon to be junior high school girl noticing another girl and her kids mart outfit and thinking i want to be her friend and ending up in the same first period english class and homeroom...
your life has reason and purpose and always remember you have chosen well for your family.
I love you, your friend Courtney