Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm Blushing and Distracted

Well, I received the perfect distraction from the "Moving Dilemma." I must be pretty darn proud of it too, seeing as the photo is the size of a doorknob, not a thumbnail. My first award!

Thanks so much to Laskigal at From the Cheap Seats for passing along this award. I'm honored and touched. Nice to have readership follow the drama with us, huh? Please check her out. She is Sincere, Silly, Sarcastic, Sweet, and a SAHM of a Special little Sweetheart boy (alliteration is something she digs).

The award says that I shall Spread the Love to 10 of my faves. No problem. (Some of these have been awarded the love already. But one can never have too much love.) Check out these brilliant minds:

* Cheri at Blog This Mom
* My little brother Henry at Henry's Thing-a-ma-jig
* Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor
* GirlyMom at The Red Door
* Marlys at A New Life Begins
* Claudia and David at The Happy Hermans (Okay this one is in German, which I can't read, but they have great photos, and I know the guy. I make up my own words for it.)

Visit these site for all kinds of inspiration.


Amy said...

congratulations!!! i hope it brings your some inner peace at this crazy time in your life.

hope you have a great weekend and thanks for passing on the "love"!!!

RJTrue said...

Congrats on your award! I love "fron the cheap seats"! I've looked at Misty's before, too and adore her as well.
I'll have to check those others out as well.
Just wanted to check in and I hope you have a great day!!!