Friday, March 21, 2008

A Matter of Semantics

I'm a bit of a grammar snob.  There are a few words that just freak my freak out when I hear them.  What?  Freak your freak out is one for you.  Well, write it in your own damn blog.  :)
The following are like nails on a chalkboard to me:

*** Can you take a "pitcher" of us?

A what?



Oh, a PIC-TURE. 
*** We drove "acrost" the country?

You what?  

***  I love all kinds of chocolate, "expecially" dark chocolate.


***  As in, Bush calls for a development of more "nucular" power.

Enough Said.

***   "For all intensive purposes"

Uh huh.  So the purpose is intensive.  Mmm-hmmm.  Did you mean for all intents and purposes?  Please say yes.  

Try being married to me.  I'm no fun.

Oh, but here are some new words that I LOVE using as verbs.  It may drive you crazy, but I'm all about these:

***  I Googled it.  As in googling an ex-lover.

***  To get an idea of the value of my home, I Zillowed it.

***  Your ass just got Punk'd.

***  I'm Blogging this.

For extra credit, use all of my favorite words in one brilliant sentence.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

One day, while blogging, I decided to google current housing prices in San Diego; when I finally zillowed my own home, I though for sure I’d been punk’d!

My pet peeve? Your interest was "piqued," it was not "peaked!"

just jamie said...


Anonymous said...

where do i sign up?

Amy said...

Seriously, my ass is punk'd because I just spent way to much time googling ideas for a freakin sentence to make, using these especially new words to me - zillowed is just one of them and blogging is my favorite!

Jamie, I wouldn't figure you to be a grammar snob! I still like you! Don't mind my run-on sentence.

Lori said...

I think this is too funny... granted some of your top words I think could be considered more regional issues... I know coming from MA originally I say somethings that my hubby looks at me and say... don't you mean ____.

After I zillowed the price of my house, I googled banks to see if I'd been punk'd!

Angela said...

I am glad that a sentence fragment is not mentioned. I type way too many of them. Now that I am trying to type one, I can’t.
Oh dear. I think you have lovely words, but I don’t think I can think strait enough to come up with something for extra points.

Cheri said...

Baby, I'm not even gonna use all those words in one sentence, 'cause then there would be a run-on tainting your pretty blog and you wouldn't like me.

Plus Jenn already rocked this assignment.

Blogs are often conversational in nature, more casual, so I kinda let some of the grammar rules that meant a lot to me back in my law review editor days go by the wayside in favor of a laid-back style.

And I have no pet peeves whatsoever because I am one with the universe, an enlightened and perfect creature who totally accepts the is-ness of is and who does not get in the way of, but rather honors, the experiences of others.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I am really bad about that and speeling. I missprounce everything and say things odd and spell things wrong and I don't know how to get betetr. Part of it is being up in Alaska...some people just pronouce things differently, but still, i have horrible spelling plus I type too fast and mess up more! :)

LaskiGal said...

OK, I'm bad. I'm pretty sure that I use both blog and google as verbs. When did that happen.

I'd take the challenge, but first, as an English teacher, that would just be wrong. AND, Jenn nailed it!

LaskiGal said...

Oh, an apparently, this English teacher forgets her punctuation rules . . . or Punk'd-uation rules.

Amber M. said...

Fabulous. Our favorite, which seems to run rampant in the Mid-west, is "supposably." Yikes.

Mary said...

Oh man too funny!

I work with a woman who has her own language. Seriously, she mispronounces every word you listed and THEM SOME! It's like nails on a chalkboard to me!

CC said...

Way not creative enough to come up with a sentence right now. But I'm with you 110% on incorrect grammar use (or is it "grammer"? LOL!). Me, I'm a spelling snob--and a bad speller as well.

Lindsey said...

Oh my! You forget I live in Alabama. One that REALLY bothers me is "REAL-A-TOR"! It's not real-a-tor, it's real-tor as in the person selling a house. Ick! Drives me insane.

Oh and another one, CONER, as in the go stand in the CONER. I always want to say, "There's an R in that word. Please make sure your pronouce it."

I'm sure I'll think of more....

Kristen said...

oh, no. I left grammar at the door. I drive my husband crazy with my blog.

I don't even care. How horrible is that?

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Jenn, I was going to try but after reading your comment I give up. =)

I love picking up those funny English language travesties. One of my English teachers in highschool gave us a joke quiz with words that we had to translate like "geet" (Have you eaten yet? or, Did you eat?).

Trish said...

You might get your grammar snob-ish-ness from your mom. I remember correcting you and your brothers and your friends and anyone else who would listen when ever I got the chance. (Like a big stinkin' know-it-all!)

Jenn did nail the assignment and Cheri is very enlightened. Can you tell she is reading A New Earth? Nice...One with the Universe...No judging...Relief from grammar horror... (I do this... too much.)