Monday, March 24, 2008

No Way Are We That Old!?

Did that sweet little cherub face get your attention?  Yup.  Mine too.

Meet Courtney, a lifelong friend.  Now I know many of you have these sweeties in your life too, because you've blogged about them.  Now it's my turn.  But, can you even take your eyes off that sweet little baby?  I know, I couldn't either.  I think when we have our own babies we *know* they're cute, but sometimes we're so darn tired that it's hard to really grasp.  Well, I sleep through the night now, and I can appreciate a cute baby in all his glory.

Meet baby Jackson.  

Courtney lives in a place far far away.  We don't get very many visits anymore.  Not without the aid of a large jet, many suitcases, rental cars, and many months of advance preparation.  So when I found out she was visiting her in-laws in a town not so far far away, I was thrilled.

We realized that we had been friends for 19 years.  No way are we that old!  How can I even be old enough to be able to say, friends for 20 years.  

As a consolation prize, the waiter carded us.  See, he didn't even think we were 21, so how could I have a friend from Junior High for nearly 20 years?

Thanks Court, for being a great friend through these fine years.  We had fun sleepovers, and we had fun being rejects at the Catholic School for a year, and we had fun road-trips together.  But the best part is playing with each other' kids'.  We've come a long way baby!  Let's see what the next 20 years brings (gulp).  
(First baby-holding session ever!  They're being careful.)

Courtney is such a good Mommy, too.  You know the kind.  The kind who say, "Oh, he's going to fuss, move his left leg, fart 3 times, blink with one eye, then fall asleep."  She knows him that well.  And she was right.  


Trish said...

Hokelai, that is one gorgeous baby you guys have!! Wow I want to tickle his little baby belly! Kiss! Kiss!
Say hi to the rest of the family when you get back to Pluto.

:-) Jamie's Mom.

Lori said...

super cute baby... and your kids seemed to be doing well with him too... how fun to visit with a friend of the past

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Oh I love that picture of him asleep! Too cute!

Amber M. said...

I'd love to kiss those cheeks right off! Nice to meet you, Jackson!

Amy said...

I could just steal him - he is that cute. Then again, I could still your two darlings too!

All three babes in these pictures are exceptionally cute!

It is nice that you and Courtney got to reconnect! Hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Lindsey said...

One of my very best friends and I met when we were 6...that means we have been friends for 24 years. HARD for me to wrap my head around that....we were college roomies and still talk on the phone 2-3 times per week. Those phone conversations are not short. You would have thought we would have run out of things to discuss....but not us:) Old loyal friends are fabulous.

And that baby, he's precious. And those twins holding that precious baby, they are adorable. Those twins get cuter with every is that possible?

Life As I Know It said...

He is a cutie!!

Kathryn said...

Look at the cheeks on that kid! So cute! I want to squeeze him!
So glad you had such a nice visit. Nothing beats some girlfriend time. :)

Courtney said...

Thanks for the shout out jamie! I love, love, love you and your little cuties!!
your friend, Courtney

Courtney said...

oh, I almost forgot...Hi to "the mom formally known as Patty".

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Ya'll are making me feel really old--I've been MARRIED for more than 20 years!

Cute kids all around; definitey a gorgeous baby.

Cheri said...

Kristen (who is looking over my shoulder) says that Chase and Tatum look like little Trishes.

Lovely baby too!

Mary said...

Oh yeah, he is a cutie for sure :)
And your little ones holding him........such a cute picture!

Glad you got to see you friend :)

OHmommy said...

I can't wait for my BFF to have a baby of her own.

Friends like that are the best, aren't they?

Cut baby Jackson!

katydidnot said...

that baby! so gorgeous!